Our Integrity is on SALE !

We all need to gather under the flag of Pakistan not any other flag that stops us from becoming a Nation - AT

Nations that allow their Integrity & Dignity for Sale threatened its own survival. Pakistani nationover the past few decades had been a victim of poor decision making by its top notch Leadership,where they not only compromised on the National Security but also harmed the Nationality and pride of a common Pakistani.
Though, I can share so many examples that can support my argument up here but I would liketo choose the latest incident that took place in Lahore on 27th January, 2011 in the busy marketof Lahore, where an American National, Raymond Davis (alleged to be a C.I.A Contractorin Pakistan) brutally murdered two Pakistani Citizens and tried to escape. Local populationmanaged to get him arrested and put him behind bars.

He was tried for over 1.5 month and during all that various  Political Parties claimed that they will make certain that the  suspect will be held accountable for the crime he  committed. Pakistani Politicians, because of their past  record were not trusted by the general public. This  Raymond Davis issue have become an immediate sensation  in the mainstream media across the World. Wherein, every  TV Anchor criticise the fate of this U.S citizen Raymond Davis exposing more of his activities and background information’s and the reasons of his prolonged stay in Pakistan.

Pakistani decision makes who decided the fate of the nation without taking their consent

Conflicting statements among Public officials belonging to the same political parties alsoexacerbated the anger of the people all over the country when Mr.Shahbaz Sharif – CM Punjab who belongs to the ruling party in Punjab PML-N with 60% weight age in the provincialassembly issued a firm statement;

We will not release Raymond Davis at any cost by selling our integrity ” – Shahbaz Sharif

During his pronouncement regarding Davis case was not yet settled, and on 16th March 2011, Judge Muhammad Yousaf Aujla and Judicial Magistrate Chaudhry Aneeq Anwar from Lahore Court announced the indictment of Raymond Davis that he will be released, a murderer of two citizen who was accused for killing two Pakistanis but also for attempting terrorism act in Pakistan, involved in suspicious activities in the country, not holding Diplomatic Immunity and several other charges.

This unilateral decision by local court of Lahore has raised many questions not only in the minds of Pakistani Nation but also to various human rights activist and organizations that operates in Pakistan. 15 minutes after Raymond Davis was released by Punjab’s Law Minister Rana SanaUllah belonging to the same party defended the decision by calling it a court’s decision, (opposite to people’s expectations). This is not the first time that such incidents of political maeuverings transpired under the governance of PML-N.

Mir Aimal Kansi who was handed over to U.S Authorities by Nawaz Sharif's Government

Nearly 14 years ago when Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif then had “pleased” the Clinton administration by allowing the extradition of Mir Aimal Kansi, one of FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives of that time, and also assisted the US Intelligence and FBI by providing them details of his whereabouts, under the weight of the extradition treaty, Mir Aimal Kansi was tried in the US court on the grounds of Terrorism . Hewas found guilty and was executed by lethal injection on November 12, 2002.

Pakistani Nation is not surprised with PML-N’s inclination towards the United States at suchtime. On the contrary, failure of Pakistan Military & ISI cannot be ignored. Some sources confirmed that PPP Government, PML-N along with Pakistan’s Military, ISI were fully on board with this idea of letting Raymond Davis go.

COAS - General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani & DG ISI - General Ahmed Shuja Pasha

People of Pakistan were outrage that Pakistani Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani and DG ISI General Shuja Pasha did not took a viable stand against such actions when it had become a matter of national security and could have sparked a new round of terrorism and threat to the sovereignty of the country. Not only this Pakistan’s So-Called Independent Judiciary led by its Chief Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad failed to let justice takes its course by releasing him without taking Suo Moto action against the unfair trial of Raymond Davis.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari & Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani are not spared at this moment as it was already expected that they too will not handle the case as per the expectations set from them by the millions of Pakistanis. This was clearly indicated when Pakistan’s Ex-Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi resigned from his position calling his Party bilateraland interested in releasing Raymond Davis.

U.S Vice President Barkley & Pakistan's First Prime Minister Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan - 1950

The present leadership of Pakistan and their rotten moral value, my mind forces me to go back in May-June, 1950 when Pakistan’s First Prime Minister visited the United States of America on his official visit and there He met with leaders of US Trade and Industry, who promised all possible military and economic assistance in case Pakistan recognized Israel. The American Industrialists also underlined the importance of such a package for the new state of Pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan in his known gentle tone replied:

Gentlemen! Our soul is not for sale.

Another example was set by Pakistan’s First Military Ruler Field Marshall Ayub Khan. According to Syed Sharif Uddin Pirzada, French President de Gaulle had personally told Ayub Khan in 1967 that France was ready to provide `full’ nuclear assistance to Pakistan. In return hesimply asked that France be allowed to mine for uranium in the northwest and share it equally with Pakistan. `Our “friends” may not like it,’ M M Ahmad told Ayub, and in any case, what dowe need this expensive technology for.’ Words to that effect. But that is how Pakistan missed the opportunity of becoming a nuclear power at least two decades earlier than it did – and minus allthe eternal blackmail and intimidation.

Two Field Marshals: Sir Ayub Khan with Sir Claude Auchinleck

Now Raymond Davis has gone back to his homeland but still, there are lot, more people likehim that are operating in Pakistan and are exporting terrorism from Afghanistan to Pakistan. I sincerely hope that this negligence by the Pakistani Authorities will prove to be the last, also I expect the nation to respond to this incident the way it should be, so that Pakistani Authorities will never again think to compromise our National Sovereignty and play the role for what they were elected for , or else their fate will be decided by the Pakistani Population of 18 Crore .

Oue Leaders will have to realize that they have to

Keep the National Interest First “, as it was , is and will going to be ”  Pakistan First ” – Pakistan Zindabad !!!!

Pakistani Flag shall be kept above

Closing Note:

‎” Good Bye Mr. Raymond Davis … Forgive us if there was something missing from our side in hosting you here in Pakistan. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Pakistan and would like to visit u again soon. ” – Amaan Tareen

Raymond Davis – Mission Accomplished

Radiating Raymond Davis was a ‘cluster  bomb’ which not only hit Pakistanis  killing three people as well President  Obama and his administration. There is  no doubt that some elements in the US  establishment could not stand and have  not accepted a ‘Blackman’ in a ‘White  House’. The Clinton camp with Robert  Gates included made President Obama lie  on tv channels about ‘diplomatic  immunity’ which he never had. Who is  undermining President Obama?

Raymond has achieved almost all the  objectives of the sub contracted parties  (India-Israel) who hired Raymond. For  example:

  1. 1. They have managed to successfully discredit all major political parties and its leaders and proved them as US and foreign collaborators/agents
  2. They have managed to discredit the civilian governments, military establishment, judiciary as well as the agencies
  3. Raymond was on a radioactive mission and he himself was radiating
  4. He has radiated his lovers and enemies
  5. He has also pointed to the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the corrupt Pakistani elite across the board
  6. He has proved that US friendship is cancerous and toxic
  7. Americans living in the USA are the most ignorant about the outside world and their media is the most biased, controlled by a small ethnic racist and blackmailer minority
  8. USA is an occupied country and need to win another war of independence from Wall Street Bankers, and racist supremacists.
  9. A unilateral declaration of independence from Israel is a way forward because US taxpayers are paying very heavy price financially and human cost of this toxic friendship?
  10. Raymond was a symbol of US imperialist mentality and some one else somewhere else might pay the price of this ‘halal rescue’ arranged by the filthy Zardari – Sharifs regimes in Pakistan.
  11. Afghanistan is a magnet for the empires to come and die it has become a suicide spot for the super powers.

This whole mission impossible Hollywood style rescue operation of Raymond Davis was more like a drama. Raymond was/is an agent of defense contractors and war monger bankers and profiteers of Wall Street. One of many things Raymond did for the wisepeople is to learn from this episode to check who were the visitors and supporters. Pakistani toxic elite across the board is cancerous and treacherous from civil, military bureaucracy, judiciary to politicians in all parties. People should thank Raymond for enlightening. The whole operation was scripted and well rehearsed?

Raymond was radioactive and left a big trail behind him. Raymond Davis was not that important that US President Obama has to come on live TV and ask for his release and confirm him having ‘diplomatic immunity’ which he never had. In actual fact President Obama was made to ‘lie for him’. Why? Who asked President Obama to do this? Insurance brokers and bankers who are against Obama’s health reforms or some one in the defense industry? I am not fully sure if President Obama is aware that ‘Hillary camp’ including Robert Gates and neo-con elements are still after him. Could it be a revenge of sacking of ‘General Stanley McCrystal? Though what McCrystal said was not a sack able offence according to many analysts. It was done in a way as to create mistrust between the US military establishment and Obama administration.

A Blackman as Commandant in Chief of the US armed forces is not acceptable to many in the right wing US establishment. President Obama very well aware with that ‘Clintons’ have not accepted his win and still underming him and his policies in Afghanistan and locally. Well it was Bill Clinton who reportedly told late senator Kennedy during a phone conversation something like, ‘He would be making coffee for us few years back’. On the other hand Clintons have strengthened their relationship with the Jewish lobbies by getting their daughter married to a bright Jewish boy from a rich family. Obamas were not invited in the wedding off course for security reasons?  Hilary is still campaigning for the next president?

It was also a time for the ‘drill’ of the Pakistani assets  and  assessment of their performance. Some of them  have  passed this test in flying colours like assets in  the  bureaucracy as well as Rehman Malik, Hussain  Haqani,  Zardari, ANP’s new comers and Sharifs. Well  done USA.  Who got the perfect judicially and  government certified  Halal and Islamic release. It  means Raymond will not have  a criminal record and  he can start ‘new job’ with excellence references  from his current employers as well might not face  tough questioning hereafter?

On the issue of US drone attacks and killings of 44 innocent Pakistanis surely it is a violation of International Law and case should be referred to ICJ International Court of Justice as US don’t have a UN mandate to attack and kill innocent civilians in Pakistan.

As far as General Ashfaq Kiyani’s condemnation of the US drone attacks is concerned he should know better that ‘Armed Forces’ as guardians of the state don’t do ‘condemnations’ on the killings of its citizens? They act and protect them in all weathers from enemies within and outside. To be frank General if you can’t people will in the end!