Pathankot Attack: Another False Flag Operation by India?


Earlier this year on January 2nd, terrorists stormed at Pathankot airbase of India which took Indian Officials 7 days to clear the site and in the line of duty 7 Indian Security officials had died. India, immediately without any confirmation had blamed Pakistani Intelligence Agencies ISI to have planned that attack on Pathankot Airbase. Later from which it retreated and shifted the blame on Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).


India claimed that Jaish-e-Mohammed Commander Maulana Masood Azhar masterminded the attacks. After which Indian authorities had officially demanded the custody of suspects included JeM Commander Maulana Masood Azhar and released an audio tape claiming Maulana Masood Azhar ordering one of the militant to attack the airbase. Audio tape released ny India seemed fabricated and later it was established that it was not Maulana Masood Azhar and that he had no role in Pathankot Attacks which came as big blow to Indian claims of Pakistani soil being used to mediate the attacks on Pathankot Airbase.

Speculated Telecon between Maulana Masood Azhar and Commander of Pathankot Attacks

Later, Indian authorities released a telecon between the suspect and his mother which seemed to be another bogus attempt to involve Pakistan into the attacks.

As per Indian claim; Audio leak between a Pathankot attacker and his mother prior attacks

Nawaz Sharif lead PMLN Government’s poor diplomacy was evident in this matter like before when Pakistani Government without asking for any concrete evidences from Indian authorities, ordered to have an FIR registered in Pakistan against unknown suspects and begun investigation of the matter.


Later, after mutual consent a joint investigation team was formed, based on Intelligence Agency Officials from both sides investigating the attacks by visiting the site.


When Pakistani investigation team reached India, it was not given any sustential evidence of Pakistani involvement hence Pakistani investigation team after completing its part returned to Pakistan.

Today, as reported by Indian Media Indian Investigation agency that was investigating the attacks has issued clean chit to Pakistan, of not letting use its soil for Pathankot Attack. Which leads us to this conclusion that either it was an inside job or it was planned by separatists within India, seeking independence from India.

Indian Media’s report on Pathankot Attack

Now question arises that will Pakistani Government take up the issue on diplomatic level and take the matter to United Nation’s Security Council (UNSC) against India to have falsely accused Pakistan of planning attacks on India or will our Government maintain the same criminal silence that it always did.


Be informed this was not the very first time that Indian authorities had levelled baseless charges against Pakistan, to later it failed terribly to establish that it was Pakistan that backed those attacks.


In coming future, can we expect from our Government before investigating any terrorist activity else where to have asked for ample proofs of Pakistani involvement before initiating any legal proceesings. Will our Government seek from India an official apology for defaming Pakistan. Will our Foreign Ministry Officials raise the issue of an inquiry into Samjhota Express incident in which a serving Indian Army’s Colonel Purohit was found involved and which he confessed in Indian custody that he burnt the train which had 68 Pakistanis onboard all burnt and died on spot. Will Pakistan raise the issue of Indian involvement in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwan and in Karachi.

Let us hope, Pakistan will improve its diplomacy and take up the issue of Indian state sponsored terrorism on its soil.

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The RIGHT thing to do !


Over the past 4 years people of intellect and reason have been constantly battling the befuddled and blinded masses who follow the slogan of freedom and democracy without even knowing what it stands for. For them, democracy means “freedom to do whatever they want after they come into power” instead, what they should be thinking about is that democracy is just another form of dictatorship, specifically tailored to the tyrant’s needs to keep a people “happy” in their enslavement.

In the ensuing months and years after which the PPP had come into power back in 2008, Pakistan saw the worst of corruption it has ever witnessed in its 66 years of history. Although one can also present an equally strong argument about the corruption and incompetence of the current prime minister of Pakistan, the point stands that as long as lordship and land-owner mafia remain strong, Pakistan will never see the light of day.

The people of Pakistan often more than not go after something that is illusionary and short-lasting, lacking insight and vision severely, our nation has been plagued by this disease since we had come into existence. We have been continuously bombarded with disappointment after disappointment, fake “leaders”, opportune “leaders”, “Islamist leaders”, you name it; everything is on the table.

The problem isn’t only with the people themselves, but also in the people who claim to be their leaders. In a brutalization of the system, these so called leaders only exploit the name of good father Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his strive to make Pakistan the greatest “Bulwark of Islam” and the most robust and active nation on Earth by giving it the gift of Pakistan. They do this by cheap slogans of “freedom and fraternity” or “housing, shelter, and food” all to gain a few more morsels of power on the seat of Islamabad.

However, people tend to think that the problem is outside themselves as well: another anathema worth annihilating from their minds. They think themselves either perfect or innocent of the charge of treason-against, lying, betraying, delusional thinking, and stabbing Pakistan in the back. In the most recent election, more than 300 people lost their lives in Karachi alone, while the rest of the country’s murders are unaccounted for. This crime, unbeknownst to the people of Pakistan, is on their hands. By refusing reason, opting to follow treacherous, criminal law designed to enslave them through an outdated system (democracy), they have proved once again that they still have not yet come out of this state of shock and surprise, either that, or they are brutally ignorant of the things happening in and around their country.

It is then no surprise that even the outsiders like Mr. Declan Walsh are openly advocating breaking Baluchistan away from Pakistan on the behest of the American government. His most recent article in the guardian outlines and enforces nothing but lies and propaganda on which the Baluchistan campaign has been built upon.

People like these and more are now in the open completely set loose upon Pakistan and its good citizens (who strive every day in hopes of redeeming themselves one day as a living and vibrant nation which (in my opinion also) deserves a full chance of being independent from outside influence and showing the world what it can truly do once set free from outside influences and focuses only on what its founding fathers, and true leaders have set in motion) all because a few “wise” nutcases in Islamabad decided that it was a good idea to let the country go to the dogs when it is under complete and total collapse and a state of anarchy and chaos which stems from a war which has spilled over from Afghanistan directly into Pakistan.

The right thing to do at this point for Pakistan is to admit its mistake, and work towards building stronger characters who are unflinching in their resolve, bravest in the world, and tougher than “Valerian Steel.”

Hadiqa & Aisam as UN’s Good Will Ambassadors

Islamabad ―The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has appointed award-winning celebrities Hadiqa Kiani & Aisam ul Haq from the worlds of music and sport as ambassadors for Pakistan’s early recovery effort from the country’s unprecedented floods.

Pakistani pop singer Hadiqa Kiani and tennis player Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi will use their celebrity and broad appeal to help UNDP raise the profile of needs of more than 20 million people starting to rebuild their lives after the floods that have devastated the country since July.

UN Officials , Aisam ul Haq’s Father & Hadiqa Kiani talking to the Press

Hadiqa and Aisam will deliver messages of support for early recovery efforts as UNDP mounts efforts in 39 of the worst affected areas of the country to restore livelihoods through job creation, repair of basic community infrastructure, and strengthening of local government offices to get public services running again.

UNDP is helping communities affected by the floods rebuild their lives and I am proud to add my personal commitment to these efforts,” said Hadiqa a Female Pop Star from Pakistan, who has already helped UNDP raise awareness about environmental issues through her songs.

It is important for me to help people who lost everything because of the floods to get back on their feet,” said Aisam. “I am honoured to become a Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP in Pakistan.
Hadiqa has released five albums since 1995 and won numerous national and international awards including one of Pakistan’s most prestigious civil awards. Aisam has won more Davis Cup matches for his country than any other Pakistani tennis player. He raises funds for flood survivors through his family’s Haq Foundation.
To help communities recover from the floods, UNDP will provide 2,500 grants to affected small and home-based businesses, agricultural goods, including seeds and fertilizers, and will create temporary work to repair roads, water facilities and protection walls. Mr.Ihtisham ul Haq ( Tennis Star Aisam ul Haq’s Father) shared his views with Amaan Tareen and said “ I am proud to have a son like Aisam ul Haq , Aisam is very excited to do something for his country and really looking forward to play his part soon he makes his return to the homeland in December

A UN Official told me that it usually takes 1.5 month to complete , investigate & verify the person they appoint as a Ambassador and in Aisam’s case it took them 1 week , which means he has a very good track record that helped UN Officials to complete this verification process so soon.

Aisam ul Haq's Parents with Amaan Tareen

Speaking to Amaan Tareen in Islamabad, Hadiqa expressed gratitude and said “It is a great responsibility for me being a Goodwill Ambassador but I really wanted to take it and work for my Countrymen “ Aisam ul Haq , due to his foreign tour couldn’t make it but he expressed his feelings on a conference call saying “ I am honored to be appointed as a UNDP’s Goodwill Ambassador and would like to play my part in fundraising for the recently hit Flood Victims

Hadiqa Kiani with Amaan Tareen

The Programme has already started cash-for-work projects in the districts of Charsada and Nowshera in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and is partnering with 18 national non-governmental organizations to expand early recovery projects to other areas of the country.

“There is not a house in Pakistan that does not know the name of Hadiqa and Aisam. They have the hearts of the people”, said Timo Pakkala, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Pakistan.

“UNDP is very pleased that Hadiqa and Aisam-ul-Haq have come on board as our first national goodwill ambassadors in Pakistan,” said Toshihiro Tanaka, UNDP Country Director while speaking to Amaan Tareen.  “We look forward to a fruitful partnership in support of the huge task of early recovery in the coming year.

The Government is delighted that two talented young icons like Hadiqa Kiani and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi have joined the Government’s and UNDP’s efforts to help communities recover from the devastating floods that have affected millions of people”, said Lt. Gen. Nadeem, Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan. “Their efforts will go a long way in inspiring others to give their time, efforts and resources to help the country recover”.

I wish a very Best of Luck to Aisam ul Haq & Hadiqa Kiani in this venture… !

Closing Remarks:

It’s matter of feeling the pain of those who are suffering from Hunger, have no place to hide themselves , have lost everything they had. This is not a time to sit back at home and expect other countries from outside to come and help our brothers & sisters. If you have not made any effort to provide relief to the flood victims , so this is the time . Come forward now you cannot say that there is a trust deficit , as Aisam & Hadiqa are our National Heroes. We can be a support. In the end I will conclude with the saying

It’s Never too late to CHANGE