Who is ” Amaan Tareen “

Amaan has worked for various Private TV Channels and believes in promoting Youth’s Point of View by providing them a platform where they can come forward and project a positive image of Pakistan to the World.

  • He believes that this is a time when Youth of Pakistan can play a key role as if we look at the history Youth played a vital role in the making of Pakistan when they spread the message of Father of the Nation to the Cities/Villages and Small Towns of the Sub-Continent
  • He hosted the radio show “Young Icons of Pakistan” where he always emphasized on the importance of Pakistani Youth playing their part in Nation building.
  • He spread awareness among young readers by writing articles on Current Affairs, Social & Political issues in Pakistan.
  • He  Directs/Produces” Youth Parliament of Pakistan ”. The purpose of the show is to provide a platform for the Future Leaders of Pakistan into the limelight.
  • He has done campaign/projects with the youth organizations in Different Cities of Pakistan where they revived the studies of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
  • He interacts with the youth on social networks where he feels our Youth spends much time. Through such platforms, it becomes very easy to gather their views from the content/information that they share online which shows their concern.
  • He is Associated with Non-Profit Organizations/Non-Government Organizations (NGO) where they perform relief operations in Flood Affected areas of Pakistan.
  • He started writing for “Student’s Magazine ” in the year 2001 which was of great help to students who aimed to study abroad and in Pakistan.

“  There can be always one point of view out of two possible options. Difference between WORDS & ACTIONS can lead you towards DISTRACTION.  Choose ONE and BE THE ONE! – Amaan Tareen


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