“Only options that we have!”


By: Amaan Tareen

By now every sensible Pakistani has sensed that Democratic Forces in Pakistan have failed to address their basic living rights during their respective tenures also in last 7 years no such project was initiated that could benefit the poor and or the public in general. Today, Pakistan is again standing at a point where it was in 1999 where people are looking at Pakistan Army to come into power and rescue the Country of 180 Million that is sinking like a boat because of Corruption, Nepotism, Bad Governance, Political Instability and rapidly increasing Internal and External Threats to Pakistan’s existence.

Major Cities of Pakistan particularly Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi are at the disposal of terrorists who have firm networks established with the help of Non-state Actors who have increased their influence inside Pakistan more than before in these last 7 years.


Militant Organizations like TTP, BLA, Sect base Militant Organizations have strengthened themselves by recruiting brainwashed young lads, using them against Pakistan Armed Forces. Formation of IS on the borders of Iraq and Syria, and Al-Qaeda South Asia based on Militants of different ethnicity are surely the next biggest threat for World Peace particularly Pakistan.

Groups like TTP, BLA and BLF that are supported by RAW, MOSSAD, CIA and NDS with their base camps mostly funded by RAW via it’s consulates being setup inside Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

PTI was the final hope for Pakistanis, that turned out to be a big disappointed because of his no clear policies on Terrorism, Economy, Health, Education and Governance and rather focusing on KPK kept itself on the roads protesting against the systematically Rigged Elections held after PPP Government completed its 5 years tenure and setup a care taker government.


Imran Khan, who aimed to uproot the status quo from Pakistan’s Political Arena seemed helpless at the hands of Electable in PTI, who once were the part of the same status quo parties against whom Mr. Khan was fighting.

D I Khan Jail Break, APS School Attack are the main two incidents that took place under his party’s ruled province (KPK) that raised eye brows of his voters.

Under such circumstances considering Country’s Law & Order Situation, Political Instability and Increasing Influence of Takfiri Militant Organizations like IS in its surroundings, another possible war between India and Pakistan, we are left with no other option but to have Military take over the Control of Country and assign prominent Technocrats a role within certain period of time, also to setup an Independent Election Commission, do country-wide crack down on banned outfits and sectarian parties hence clearing the country from all possible threats within Pakistan and hold elections whenever they feel is the right time.

If we reflect this back to Military Coup in 1999 and all the measures taken by General (r) Pervez Musharraf, we may realize that all those decisions and policies introduced by General Musharraf and his technocrats were heading in right direction.

Strengthening Pakistan Economically was the main agenda set by Musharraf and his team, besides that he initiated projects like Bhasha Dam, Pakistan’s Nuclear Program, Defense Deals with France, Russia, China and America, Pakistan’s Foreign Policy was stronger than ever with its citizens being valued abroad, becoming a part of Economic Corridor having Iran, China, Russia and Pakistan as its main beneficiaries, launching 16706-mush-1364625706-852-640x480Gwadar Port, increasing Pakistan’s Export to European, African and Australian Markets, initiating Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project that could have benefited Pakistan in long run and address the on-going Power and Economical Problems of Pakistan.

Besides all above mentioned achievements of Musharraf Regime, life of an ordinary Pakistan was much easier than it is now, also law and order situation was stable, non-state actors and their networks were being shut in the country. People seemed lost comparing Musharraf’s Rule with the promises of Democrats that never got fulfilled.

Eventually, General Raheel Sharif is left with only two options, one to setup a Technocratic Government led by General (r) Pervez Musharraf, assigning him with the best team of technocrats with proved track record and second option is to remove this government and take over the state affairs and hand over them to Pakistan Military.

To sum up, Pakistani Nation is in standing in the same point like it was in 1999 with no other option than Electing General Musharraf with the Team of Young, Energetic and Dynamic Technocrats or to ask Army to take over and impose Martial Law which surely is not a permanent solution to the problems but would at least save the existence of Pakistan that is far more important than the system (democracy) that has always failed to resolve people’s issues.

Now Pakistanis have to decide, either they want to have the system that never solves their issues or they want to have dedicated team that is not a part of the system but can solve their many issues. Whoever be in power will surely have great challenges ahead of him and will need minimum 5 years in bringing things back to normal and surely 10 years to bring back Pakistan on the path where there will be Peace, Prosperity, Better Governance and Credibility in International Community.

Amaan Tareen is a Social-Political Activist, Documentary Film Maker, A Thinker and a Doer. He tweets from @amaantareen and can be reached on his Official Facebook Page www.facebook.com/amaantareendotcom


15 thoughts on ““Only options that we have!”

  1. Pervez Musharraf is a true visionary leader. Strengthening the economy was certainly one of his key goals but he contributed to many other things that were major issues. Never had I seen so much development in all of Pakistan like I did during the Pervez Musharraf era.

    His governance cannot be matched with anyone actually if one checks the facts and figures. He is a true visionary and leader.

  2. The whole article flawlessly depict the exact picture of Pakistan in current position. Without doubt Gen (R) Pervaiz Musharraf led Pakistan to best of its time. However, since the government of PPP from 2007-2013 we once again have to answer a perilous question. Shall we let democracy prevail and give it chances for trial-and-error or we once again derail it ?
    If we observe international communities we can clearly spot the world’s leading countries – criterion: peaceful and socio-economically progressive – are democracy. Unfortunately, factors such as education and literacy rates are significantly different. Currently, Pakistan is in a dire state to find an equitable solution to groom its future leaders. Perhaps a proper institution should be established, independent of politics and military intervention, in order to build up the future of Pakistan.
    In the mean while Technocrat Governments should be established aimed to develop a true representational system of people via bringing the electoral reforms by introducing Local Government Elections system. Furthermore, legislations should be passed in order to update sectors such as Business, Corporate, Civil and Criminal Law.
    In the midst of all of this, it is extremely important that Pakistan Armed Forces (PAF) must not intervene in governing positions until requested. The reason for opposition of a military president is because this system couldn’t prevail in long term without corrupting itself. The clear cut example could be derived from the transition of Presidency from Field Marshal General (R) Ayub Khan to General (R) Yahaya Khan. The former being a brilliant and dedicated leader while later being nothing but an incompetent individual. Without doubt, even in military we can come across lethargic and incompetent men who only lacerate the reputation of Pakistan Armed Forces.
    Once, when we come across such socio-economic development when Pakistan’s literacy rate, education standards and civil services are competitive to those of Japan, Ireland, Denmark and Germany; then, we can switch to democratic form of government. Such a structure would ensure a competent government which will lead Pakistan to its’ desired destination.

  3. I like option one to setup a Technocratic Government led by General (r) Pervez Musharraf or another strong and honest leader assigning him with the best team of technocrats with proved track record.

    Hell with the Democracy that never solves their issues. Pakistan rather have a dedicated team that is not a part of the system but can solve their many issues.

    A system is just a vehicle to deliver Justice and Services to the people. Any system that accomplishes that is a good system and any system that fails in delivering that is a bad system. What makes a system good or bad is not the system itself but the people running it. If people who are running the system are honest and dedicated, they can make any system work but if the people running the system are dishonest and corrupt, like the current government of Nawaz Sharif, it will fail even if it happens to be the best system in the world.

  4. A technocrat government headed by the ex President for a limited/short term period to have fresh election under the newly chosen election commission for fair ballot is not a bad idea. After the election, Mr Musharraf should be made part of think tank. He is experienced and brave and knows to deliver.

  5. I am from PPPP back ground n my father won elections as well but I want to say the Musharaf time was the best time n now our hopes is our Army.

  6. President MUSHARRAF make PAKISTAN STRONG FINANCIALLY, solidarity & integrity of the country
    Is more strengthen,since last seven years PAKISTAN is going on 1970’s position which was critical,
    So it’s better ARMY CHIEF quickly call MR PERVAZ MUSHARRAF as a PRESIDENT of PAKISTAN, to save the country and the NATION

  7. But I believe all we do is point out what went wrong, analyse who can be called a hero and who can be labelled as Zero and then after that, we take sides, show our biasses, criticize, chatter, debate, support, sentimentalize, associate, admire, and then move on. Looking for more faults, for more arguments – to kill our time, to pass the day, to define ourselves by associating with the party, to sing lullabies to ourselves hinting everything is fine until we are hit with another torment, is when we realize:- it all comes crashing down and its going to be this way until we raise our hands, pull ourselves together, realize our rights and duties, make ourselves audible to fight it once and all…., but do we do that ?? NO because we are cowards and that’s when we sit on our arses and tell bullshit stories to ourselves and others and do exactly the same – point out, analyse, label, take sides…………………… it’s a vicious circle. I think it’s time we realize we actually NEED to GET UP and MAKE A DIFFERENCE – is only when things would actually start to make more sense.

    But, we are in denial and that is how we choose to stay!

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