PTI lovers and their Passiveness

Typical PTI lover's Reaction reading positve criticism on PTI
Typical PTI lover’s Reaction reading positive criticism on PTI

Biggest problem in Pakistan’s Society is that, we find blaming and questioning others work quite amusing, making fun of others has become our National Sport. As a Responsible Citizen of Pakistan I believe that one should not question anyone’s loyalty if he is not sure of himself and that too without knowing their intentions.

Unfortunately, People in Pakistan judge others character by their liking and disliking. We bully everyone we think is not favoring to our ears and eyes, which is one big reason why we have not produced Iconic Personalities/Leaders in last 66 Years as much as other Countries/Nations have produced. Even after 66 Years we are not acting as a Nation but group of people forcefully sharing the same land and that is why we are still far behind from the Nations that came into existence way after us. Raising questions on others is very easy but it takes a lot of courage to work and keep things straight.

I had been posting different material since morning I admit most of them were against one Party but that’s what most of you had been doing for over months now. Aren’t you? So why it caused you so much pain when someone posted something that you didn’t like. I would like to point out PTI Fans particularly who had been bullying me since morning. I am not one of them to give up on anything so soon. What keeps me moving is not one man or his attracting slogans but a Mission in Life. Mission is greater than any personality and that’s what I learn from the Life of The Great Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. This is what our Pakistanis need to understand. Pakistan was made by Quaid-e-Azam, as soon as he died our enemies claimed that Pakistan will not be able to sustain for more than 6 months and will come back to India but nothing like that happened. Sixty five Years have passed,  we are growing and we’re moving, we exist and we will remain on the face of earth as long as we are destined.My point of telling you all this is to make you all understand that do not follow personalities but follow their Mission.

Meanwhile people were out on roads Protesting without being so sure for what they were going out there, I gathered and submitted several applications/videos of rigging to the Election Commission of Pakistan without any discrimination within Political Parties.

I posted material against MQM/PTI and MQM friends didn’t respond like the way PTI Fans did, not all of them but some of them. I have a lot of Friends who are PTI supporters and they had been agreeing to me on all this and I know they’ll bereading this but what I really liked about them was they supportedand disagreed both gracefully which I really liked.  All PTI Fans are not same, there are some really great people that I know and I met. I am addressing those PTI Fans who attack without realizing that they’re doing wrong to others.

Whenever I see them doing all this to the people who disagree with PTI Policies I realize that I was so damn right about PTI,based on my personal judgment and with the help of some good advisors that I am blessed with and above all Guidance of Allah. I stopped supporting PTI for good because I felt they’re too blind, they’re deaf and their eyes are completely shut from the reality. Healthy & Productive Criticism is good as it at least helps me improve and I certainly cannot help those who want me to become another “YES MEN” like them.

Stop judging others when you yourself have no clue of what other person stands for. Calling someone sold out, calling him with different names, questioning his affiliations and bullying him for his views and that too for no good reason doesn’t make you any different from those who always made fun of the people who stood up in the history and their own people made funof them, but history tells us that such daring people ended up setting a history and no one know their critics today. Your discouragement adds more passion in me, motivates me more. People who’ll remain in dark will not only do injustice to themselves but also to their generations. Stop me if you can from doing good and I’ll not stop but I’ll definitely help you seek the right way whenever you need without thinking how ignorant you were towards me as this is what our World and Religion both teaches us Tolerance, Respect and Humanity.

With the help of Like Minded People I will continue my Mission I will continue spreading awarenessamong the masses. Those who’ll learn something out of that, I consider the job done and those who’ll continue staying in the state of denial will remain where they are. Choice is yours and the process of learning is mutual so I get to learn a lot from all of you as I am not some Mr. Perfect here!!

I have seen PTI supporters comparing Imran Khan with Quaid-e-Azam. Trust me you offend millions like me by doing that. Without getting into the details let me share you one major difference between Imran Khan and Quaid-e-Azam. Quaid-e-Azam made a Nation and then assigned them the mission on contrary Imran Khan created a vote bank andnot a Nation and if you think making his vote bank was his making of Nation then you are completely wrong. Quaid-e-Azam never asked for a vote to come into power and then make a Nation but for a creation of a Country on contrary Imran Khan asked for a vote to bring his Party into power and then make a Nation for a Country. Totally Opposite (I know you will raise questions, how could he do that before coming into power, so the answer is same way like the Great Quaid did. Complete the first step of making Nation and then follow the other steps).

Last but not the least I work for Pakistan, I don’t work for any Political Party and even if you will judge me with that, I’ll give up on you as helpless case. For me it will always be Pakistan First !! 🙂

May Allah show us all the right path and keep those on who already have it !!

Signing Off,

Amaan Tareen.

You can reach me directly at to share your feedback . Don’t think I am PML-N paid blogger or in your thesaurus a “Noora


4 thoughts on “PTI lovers and their Passiveness

  1. Dr.AQ Khan just tweeted your article and that brought me here. It’s really sad to hear that PTI supporters have given you such a hard time. You will be glad to hear that you are not the first or the last to notice this…Many journalists, analysts have also complained about this rowdy and rude behaviour of many PTI supporters.

    Being a PTI supporter myself, I feel disappointed and ashamed of my fellow PTI supporters. I would encourage you to keep on writing and do what you do best. Don’t let anyone put you down or demotivate you. PTI supporters will mature up soon enough..

  2. visionary article, just want to say one thing not necessary the person who show himself PTI support would really PTI member/worker and not necessary all member would be educated and sensible. You must give credit to IK he gather all scatter People who belong different sects/cast/religion as a Pakistani. Regards, Yasmin yaas

    1. Thank you so much Ma’am for sharing your feedback. I came across many they all claim to be his Jiyala. I admit that he brought people out in Public but it’s about time he should groom them as well Politically, Morally 🙂

  3. This is not true mr tareen, since the start everyone not only pti leaders others are also campaigning for the votes, secondly media is teaching people to vote because its their right. So when people are being deprived of using their right, they felt as if they have been robbed off… Its not about winning or losing but its more about right or wrong, everyone should be given their right of voting. Another thing you said people do not know why they are protesting, so for that have you ever been to the scene of bomb blast, have you ever experienced losing your loved ones in blasts…..i can feel it because some of my acquaintances had lost their lives in such brutal blasts. People are clear they know they want someone else can bring in their city peace, security and prosperity. I do not have anything to do with pti and i did not expect anything from them because it will take sometime for them to become a mature party. But the people of karachi looked upon this party as a saviour, that is why they compare imran with Quaid e Azam and instead of criticising the comparison why do not we focus on the fact that how we are wasting and misusing this country of Quaid e Azam.
    Anyways, we all are free to share our ideas just want to say no offence please.

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