Inquilaab – The Revolution

Posted: August 23, 2011 in America, Che Guerrero, Fascism, Pakistan Government, Pakistani Nation, Pakistani Youth, Patriotism, Provincialism

Pakistani Nation that gathers for Jalsas and Dharnas but not for Revolution

Tum kya Inquilaab Inquilaab kartay ho
Inquilaab se he tau tum dartay ho !

Jahalat pe datay rehtay ho,
Kyun nahi apne aap ko durust karte ho

Kabhi Kisi ka bhala kiya tumne,
jo dosre se bhalayi ki umeed rakhtay ho?

Mayussi mein jakray rehtay ho,
Kabhi mayuusi ko dour karne ka irada bhe kartay ho?

Mohsino ko ahsaan faramosh kardetay ho,
syed mohammad ki azmat ko salaam bhe kartay ho?

Har kisi ko bura bhala kehtay ho,
kya apna giribaan pe bhe nazar rakhtay ho?

Buraya tau tum sar-e-aam kartay ho,
Kya khuda se bhe dartay ho ?

Agar nahi hain in sub ka khayal,
Tau tum kya inquilaab inquilaab kartay ho

Composed & Written by:
 Amaan Tareen


Sign Off Note:

Revolution would come ONLY if we all will realize our INDIVIDUAL responsibility as Responsible Citizens of Pakistan ” – Amaan Tareen.

  1. Zee says:

    The thought is much appreciated and is a clear expression of the state of this nation today.

  2. saif says:

    excellent bro 😉

  3. Aminah says:

    Keep it up! 🙂

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