Che Guerreros of ” Text Messages & Facebook ”

 Everyday I get up, I  see alot of text  messages in  my  mobile inbox, which I hardly get time to read, I  hardly get time to  inform my family  about where I am and  when I will be going  back to home and I  wonder how much  time does these people  have, so that they  spend so much time in  writing these  long text  messages that have no  impact on people who  unfortunately read  them. Most of  them  are against the    government and their    policies, the system,    establishment,  Americans, Zionist Agenda and  what not  but these  critics can  only send  or forward  the text  messages that they  receive from some  source, without any  confirmation they  forward these  messages to thousands  of their friends.

Last morning I saw this message,

Mr.10% has assets over 2.5 trillion US$ in his Swiss Accounts, Wake Up Pakistan and fight against these corrupt Politicians, let’s protest against them and forward this message to as many people as you may know, everyone should know the reality.

Worse thing about these messages is the fact that they all are full of emotions and no practical solution, these sort of messages force increase frustration but again you need someone to guide you and you do not find one, hence disappointment.

Same year I started a campaign against when American Spy Raymond Davis who was freed and let go by Pakistani Authorities, I called upon each and every single person I knew to come and join all those who were out there protesting against that unfair trial and only 15 people showed up. The thing that I do not understand that if only putting the blame on authorities is just something that we know then why don’t we try start doing something on our own or help those who are already doing something.

I agree one way or the other the blame goes on the Authorities, but have we ever tried to evaluate ourselves and do we realize what is our responsibility being a citizen of Pakistan. Why don’t we try to do something on our own. I am among those people who forward these messages and update statuses on my Facebook and also keep a track on each one of these people and also observe the general behaviour of these Che Guerreros but when it comes on doing something practical, I do not sit back home, while these Che Guerreros are sitting in their rooms or partying outside. I do whatever I can do but how long this ” One Man Show ” will go on? Is it only responsibility of people like Imran Khan to come forward and activate these sleepy sheeps or are they ever going to get up from their peaceful sleep?

Are we ever going to become torch bearers of Pakistan’s Future or we will expect the same Politicians to hold the power corridors and play musical chair that I see happening in my opinion over three decades now.

Now is the time that people like Imran Khan expect same people to come forward and start awaking these people and politically correct them if they are not well awared of or someone will have to spoon feed them again like a 1 year old baby. The best they can do is to aware the people around them and if they think they are filled up with filth in their minds so they better keep themselves inside the cage of hopelessness(their head), and at least do not discourage those who are at least doing something.

They blame Army, they blame Intelligence, they think Imran Khan is one man show, they think Pervez Musharraf was a jack ass, they think Army has ruined the future of Pakistan, they post anti-state statuses on their face books, they post links that are written by some stupid journalists that have certain agenda in their hands to perform and make their opinion on such baseless crap, they have no understanding about the propaganda campaign that is going against Pakistan,it’s Army, Intelligence & Nuclear Program they are ignorant towards the misery that their ” Political Jokers ” have brought to this Country whose “D” they hold in their hands in the name of so-called ” Democracy in Pakistan “.

If Democracy is what they want in Pakistan then it should be implemented with all it’s constituents or else they better shall stop singing  rap song of ” We want Democracy in Pakistan ” and stop behaving like  ” Jack Asses “.

Sometimes I see a clear contradiction in their actions and words when it comes to propose some practical solution in taking out Pakistan from current State of Chaos.

When you start debating with them, their reaction is quite obvious, they will start abusing Military Rulers without knowing the fact that all the infrastructure of Pakistan was made by all these Military rulers, which has been eaten up by their nominated Democrats.

Last but not least, if you cannot encourage someone from doing good, so at least do not discourage those who are trying to work sincerely, this process might take some time but change and revolution never comers over night and you certainly have to pay the price, sacrifice and untiring effort as a NATION not only as one man standing.

Best these Che Guerreros can do is to nominate the best man for Pakistan and if they cannot go out on streets, cant protest, think they are too sissy to take a hit of some SOTI(stick) in their back so they should come outside of their homes and aware people to cast their vote for the right man, get themselves registered for the votes, help others register and spread positivity among the people they know and give out hope instead of spreading misery.

Mind it ” Pakistan is here to stay ” so be a Proud Pakistani and spread Pakistaniyat across the Globe. One day all these efforts will bring the CHANGE that we all look upto. There is no force that can destroy Pakistan except it’s own people who do not realize the importance of this piece of land that we were given.


  • Whatever I have written here is not to discourage anyone but to give a wake up call to all those who are going to read this and might be enjoying the luxuries that this country has given and still are mostly found complaining about not being given anything in return.
  • In this article I am sharing all those real life experiences that I had with most of the Youth Organizations of Pakistan, which we think are the final HOPE.
  • I am open for criticism but if they are based on the facts and not based on some home cooked stories, represent some brainwashed mindset and are intended to correct me if I am wrong at any point. Pakistan Zindabad !!!

Sincerely//Amaan Tareen.


11 thoughts on “Che Guerreros of ” Text Messages & Facebook ”

  1. so u think army did better job then these politicians ? these 4 dictators rule more then those 7 PM we got till now…

  2. Aman……….wish u all the best.Nice, Good and positive Thinking……Broad Vision…..Beyond to thoughts………..Allah may help us and bring us out of the darkness.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

  3. Excellent piece of writing…so thought provoking! Tho never voted before but this time( if its ever going to come!) me and all my friends ll definitely use our right to vote in the hope tht miracles do happen n things can get better in our country too. And our last hope is no one but Imran Khan. And id like to say Thankyou to you Amaan aswell for making a sincere effort in your own capacity for the betterment of our country. Good luck=) we re with you,

  4. Excellent piece of writing…so thoughtprovoking!Tho i never voted before but this time(If its ever going to come!) me n my friends ll definitely use our right of vote in the hope tht miracles do happen and Things can get better in our country too.And our last hope is noone but Imran Khan. And id also like to say Thankyou Amaan for your sincere efforts Tht youre making for the betterment of our country. We appreciate are with you. Goodluck=)

  5. It is so unfortunate that our county’s history has so many loop polls , misguidance’s , strictly controlled interpretation of realities to the generations that we dont even know who is the real enemy of 18 billion people of Pakistan.Is it Inida or America or jews or may be its Politicans , army and our intelligence agencies , what ever , nice try Amman , i hope you keep doing positive work for this country with all the prospectives in front of you .

  6. Nice, straight and honest expressions Amaan, may Almighty ALLAH make everyone realise these things soon before they loose it… no doubt PAKISTAN IS HERE TO STAY coz Almighty is HIMSELF is guarding it from the day “HE” born (He bcoz Pakistan is the only male muslim country, mind it 🙂 with the youth as a beard of ISLAM and a well errected ATOMIC plant, so think thrice before making any mistakes with HIM (HIM= Pakistan) coz HE got a damn macho history as far as FIGHT is concerned. So there are 3 rules of Pakistan:
    1-Dont think of fight
    2-Dont think of fight with HIM
    3-Donr ever think of FIGHTING with HIM 🙂

    note: That was just for fun…
    Keep u the good work brother. Love you 😉

  7. Good skills mate! I hope it will work out. Good luck . i am here to cast my vote for right person and for betterment of My Pakistan and My nation. Inshah Allah al azeem

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