Patriotism or “FASCISM”?

It is said that before the creation of a country, an Ideological Nation is needed but if it is a Group of Ethnicities then no Ideology can bring them on one page. It’s been almost 64 Years since Pakistan came into being, but still after 63 years I see people from different Ethnicities, Culture, Language & Backgrounds sharing the same land. If this is why Pakistan came into being then what was wrong in sharing a land with Hindus and taking a separate land where one nation (Muslims), can live together. I believe still after 63 Years we do not know the right reason why we came into being otherwise we, instead of being known as Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhis and Balochis, would be living as Pakistanis. The only reason for opting to take a separate land was;

Hindu India and Muslim India must be separated. Because the two nations are entirely distinct and different and in some matters antagonistic to each other. Let me tell you some of the differences. We differ in our history, culture, language, architecture, music, laws, jurisprudence, calendar and our entire social fabric and code of life – Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah – 1947“

There had been something always in fashion in Pakistan that has taken away people’s attention. In 70’s it was “ Protestants Culture “ ,then in the 80’s it was ” Jihadist Culture” , later in 90’s it was a transitional period from Extremism to Nationalism, last but not the least from 2000 to 2010 , it was a time when people showing love to your land became a fashion. In this span of time a lot of fakes stood up and pretended to be Patriotic but in real they were those “Intellectual Morons” who wanted to convert Patriotism into Fascism and made this as a Fad.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Well, fear and about 200 million fascists Franklin D. Roosevelt

Today, most of so-called patriots are just attention seekers and nothing else. They cannot do anything for their country but they will show a lot of patriotism, passion, love and madness for the land but in real they do not know what they really want out of all this. They are self confused and they even inject this viral infection of being liberal to others as well. They take examples from Islam and incorporate them with their liberal views & practices. Why do they do so? Is there any hidden agenda behind all this? Is all this done intentionally or unintentionally? Are they really serious about playing their part for the betterment of the land or is it just a words game? What do they really want from Pakistan or from Pakistanis? There will be very few people who could answer this but if I share my personal opinion then I would say that they all are attention seekers and nothing else, as if they were patriotic enough so we would not be suffering from poor leadership, corruption, bad governance, electricity crisis, price hike and so many similar challenges.

Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself – Thomas J . Watson

They are unworthy to show gratitude for this Pakland as they are nothing other than bunch of losers who claim to be patriots but in reality they are not. Only reason why they opted to become patriots is just because these days “Loving Pakistan” is in “Fashion”. They cannot sacrifice anything for this land or for this nation and they would rather prefer their personal benefits over national Interests and similar people come into politics and never let those true patriots come forward who sincerely wants to serve their country. A good example of true patriot would be those 1.4 million Muslims who never reached this land after partition of Greater India into two parts or those who stood by with their leadership

Patriots always talk of dying for their country and never of killing for their country – Bertrand Russel

Now it’s up to us that how we express our patriotism and how we want to pursue all this and how we want our future leaders to be.

It is a characteristic of all movements and crusades that the psychopathic element raises to the topRobert Lindner”

Closing Remarks:

There can be always one right point of view out of two possible options. Difference between WORDS & ACTIONS can lead you towards DISTRACTION. Choose one and BE THE ONE Amaan Tareen “


14 thoughts on “Patriotism or “FASCISM”?

  1. Very well pointed “Loving Pakistan In Fashion” out / Rather it’s a BRAND nowadays .. ALAS, we never had a RIGHT CONCERNED GOVERNMENT after Quaid & Liaquat Ali Khan. Are we going to have some more attention seekers or some true patriots who could just bring the real soul of freedom back, what Quaid dreamt about along with all the Muslims who scarified for Pakistan in true meanings. Choice is entirely ours!

  2. Excellent article Amaan,but the problem is that the people who are at the helm of affers at the moment won’t even understand what you have written.People who wanted Pakistan to grow up as a nation are long gone,what we are left with are time passers.

  3. so true “Loving Pakistan” is in “Fashion”.. our youth is think they are being patriotic when they love Pakistan..but the fact is they are actually doing it just for the sake of style…

  4. Well you have done a good critical analysis of our society ,i would begin with appreciating the substance of your article and that is the contemporary burning issue I do have my reservation since you didnt offer a solution to the leadership crisis from your point of view,as the crisis you highlighted something that are that we don’t know,the need is to make ourselves more aware of using our vote properly and how are we going to play a decisive role in the society…..thngs like that……i hope you would incorporate my reservations intended in the spirit of more meaningfulness…..regards

  5. salam bro
    i really liked article
    i appreciate ur thoughts keep it up
    i hope Pakistani people realize the truth and u r playin ur part 🙂
    all the best 🙂

  6. True! In fact, it is a brave and commendable effort to point out this issue… It is a fashion to be patriotic… to get attention, read few articles, watch few videos and think you know everything, to bash at others… We say we will lead the world… Unfortunately our current behavior is quite immature…
    Once again… Truly well said! Dil ki baat kehdi aapne 🙂

  7. Fabulous article. Unfortunate, but true. It is said that a nation’s leaders represent their respective countries and taking a quick look at our past and present leaders, this country needs some major revampment !

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