” Moral Corruption in TODAY’s Pakistani Society ”


11 thoughts on “” Moral Corruption in TODAY’s Pakistani Society ”

  1. “The greatest injustice is using the law to keep justice at bay.” this is what our government is upto these days.I completely accede to what is written above ,relating to the adage that “If the enemy is visible, Half of the war is won” ,Although this seems abstruse to most of us,but its important to accentuate on the fact that the change cannot be brought until we sort the malices out and recapitulate the practices and values of our heroes.Nevertheless,this is the first step on a long stairway,with challenges awaiting us at every step,But this is time we should wake up before its too late.Overall,this was one great,awakening piece of work by the writer.

  2. Amaan im quite impressed with what you have wirtten my friend but i guess its just not only the system i believe, i guess we as a nation are lost somewhere, probably we dont have any one to lead us or may be we as individuals have given up we dont want to bring a change, i agree with you that people today are thinking abt today and not for tomorrow and yesterday but im sorry its us at the end of the day who are messing up and no body is even thinking of cleaning up the mess, i guess as an individual we have to get responsable and should start by correcting ourselves, look what is happening is pakistan, we choose leaders who are sorry to say ” chooray” uneducated people, blaming others is not a solution but correcting ourselves is more important, No nation can prosper without a vision, so vote somebody who has a vision, if you dont find the right person search for it, but this is an old saying i dont knwo the reference but its something keh ” jo log apni madad ap nahi kartay un ki madad khuda bhi nahi kerta’ so i think with your thoughts one can easily understands that frustration is in the air, people like you, me and others still are thinking abt this beautiful pakistan, but Bro if you want to protect our values, if you want to make this country acceptable internationaly, so then stop blamming other and start cleaning up from your own house/from you and then stop giving your votes to those who you have seen working and looting this nation, Look for someone who realy thinks the way you do. Pakistan needs someone who has got the same frequency of what 99% people of pakistan has, someone who loves the nation not the nations money, who can instead of taking orders from the goray can actually tell them to back off, we seriously need a leadership like Quaid-e-Azam,
    On this note; Khudi ko ker buland itna ke her taqdeer sai pehlay khuda banday sai yeh khud poochay bata teri raza kya hia’
    Allah ham sab ko mil ker pakistan ko phir sai Qaid ka pakistan bananay ki himat,hosla aur jazba dai ameen
    gob bless you bro,

    take care

  3. Beautiful, very well written, good composition and upright analysis. We need to knock on our heads too to do a reality check otherwise we are going no where…..

  4. Thumbs up Amaan:) , Pakistan is in need of true individuals like u:) Be the change you want to see in others 🙂 and u r doing it 🙂 u r trying to change 🙂 and ur writing skills are perfect 🙂

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