Pakistan’s First Reply to any Foreign Aggression

30th Sep ,2010 –     First step  towards foreign Aggression … This morning after NATO forces voilated the air space of Pakistani Soil , they had to bear the consequences ,  as a protest NATO Supplies  to Afghanistan have been blocked. This is for the first time Pakistan has taken a strong action against Any Foreign Forces that had been voilating Pakistan’s Airspace. I wish to see the same happening to all those Drone Attacks that are done every day as a result of 1000’s of  people have been killed in suspicion that these civilians belongs to the name of Ameican C.I.A sponsored Al-Qaeda . I hope Pakistani Ruling Elite will take further actions that will make them realize that we a are a sovereign country and we know how to protect our Land & its people. Pakistan Zindabad.


18 thoughts on “Pakistan’s First Reply to any Foreign Aggression

  1. That is an important development … I hope that Pakistan will keep this deterance alive ….

    Rest Pakistan Armed Forces we are with you !!!

    Pakistan Zindabad …

    – Tirmizi

  2. By keeping in mind the political theory of International Politics “Realism” which tells us that ir is all about states leading their National Interest in terms of Power. State is the main actor that has the power and by this power state safeguards its national interest, in other words power works like umbrella under which state and national interests are protected… So Pakistan done excellent job since Pakistan is an independent, sovereign state. She must know how to protect her national interest by not compromising on her power… Pakistan by knowing its geo-strategic significance in the region must deal other nation-states on equal grounds no matter how strong those states are…. Long Live Pakisatn

  3. FINALLY I must say .. This and such kind of other steps supposed to be taken long ago!!! If we ‘ve some crisis, that doesn’t mean we are slave to the rest of the world. We, the United Pakistan and together, we unite. Long Live Pakistan!

  4. This is not enough action taken by Pakistan, NATO forces killed our security persons at border, our forces have enough ability to strike down the NATO Cops, so the this is enough to stop the NATO supply?????

    1. Agreed Babar sahab, this is much too few of an action taken. We must clearly indicate to them that any future overzealous “adventure” by NATO/American/Allied forces will be dealt with severity of not only their supply line permanently, but Pakistan will recognize this as a hostile act of war and will deem the 3 mentioned as clear enemies of the state of Millet e Islamiyah Pakistan. We will not sit down this time! The youth MUST rise up! We have to tell the invaders to go back or risk their entire Western civilization in Afghanistan! Pakistan must take serious action and shoot at any American/NATO/Allied forces right when they are sighted; i.e.shoot on sight order.

  5. To all my Pakistani brethren (sisters always included)…this step indeed is favorable for Pakistan…but realize one thing, that this step was NOT taken as a bold step by the Pakistani Authorities…it was taken out of fear of an unseen power which even today is holding Pakistan together…perhaps those dervaish, qalander, fakeers etc. who warned the govt. that they would be toppled if they don’t take immediate action…keep in mind, Zardari DID NOT TAKE THIS ACTION! IT WAS GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS meaning PM, and a few MNAs…don’t be fooled by their false courage it will dwindle soon…and if my fellow youth are reading this message then PLEASE RISE UP!!! Be aware, spread the message that is of Islam, get back our Paradise-like country Pakistan! I want my Pakistan back!

  6. You Pakistanis in denial can not see the reality ……. a nation with a begging bowl in hand is in no position to act against its masters…. !

    NATO nations have poured in millions in flood relief, the Americans are pouring in billions ……. these do not come free …. ! The blockade against NATO will be lifted after a brief drama to satisfy the population …. !

    As far as Pakistan’s sovereignty is concerned, this was mortgaged by your beloved Army long time back, in exchange for the weapons, dollars and diplomatic support, to be used against India …. the support is gone now, but sovereignty will not be salvaged back !

    1. Hey! Who asked you? Get off this blog punk! I am tracking your IP address and I will hand it over to authorities if you try to spew your venom here! You are an agent I am sure of it!

  7. NATO’S presence in the region is a curse instead of a blessing a dangerous charade wherein criminals was not considered a murderer but a protector.

    The blockade now appears to be a diminishing relevance to the United States as a superpower in their ever more quest of ambitious yet failed experiments in state and regime building whose lessons may be of crucial relevance to Pakistan .Drones attacked ,violation of air space ,indiscriminate casualties , these war criminals are still at large, government corruption is rampant, and organized crime, like a “fast-spreading virus,” “diverts resources from the formal economy, undermines Pakistan’s central power necessary to make the system work .The region has been turned into more than just another link of US in the chain of global crime; it has become an essential bridge in waging US networks of establishing a new world order , to the degree to which we can
    accept that sovereignty is a relational concept, which implies mutually recognized
    exclusive authority over a certain territory, where sovereignty and criminality are not just mutually constitutive, but logically inseparable but in the long run crime is what sovereignty is made of.
    “If sovereignty is a charade, then it is a charade that requires a number of willing players who somehow recognize – and refrain from challenging – each other’s signs”. And if the meaning of sovereignty is historically reliant, it is also dependent on the common understanding of it. Over the years Pakistan’s sovereignty has been so frequently violated in the name of sovereignty itself. Indeed, we can say that it is a “paradoxical sovereignty “ or it could may not be anything but an organized hypocrisy, a “cognitive script” whose integrity are continually breached, challenged and attacked from actions as a results of sovereign’s ability to suspend laws and create an empty states of exception, to be at once both the law itself and beyond law .Or is it simply that sovereignty vague the obscenity of power inequalities, that it is espouse by both the great powers and by the powerless as a desperately needed gratifying scheme.

    Where sovereignty and criminality are equally constitutive in which they turned States as an “organized mafias,” whose sole benefit over other criminal organizations is mutual recognition .NATO lurks behind the US patriot wagon , conquering territories ,waging of wars and violence labelled off as criminal or failed states – permitting the term of “organized hypocrisy” to articulate about the necessity of pronouncement of failed states to exchange their domestic sovereignty – as well as the control over the natural resources – for international legal sovereignty in order to continue to exist .Pakistan’s Blockade of NATO supply route is a “breakthrough” , is this a sign of more drastic change to come? These intruders needed to be crush down without hesitation.

    1. Okay…point taken…but Ayesha don’t you recognize…that our government is NOT of our own and national sovereignty is something to just recognize that yes Pakistanis have legal and authoritative control over this territory…now the question arises, why are still these puppets not rising up against the acts of war? Simple, they are not our rulers, and they didn’t come in power for Pakistan…either for themselves, or their infamous Zionist regime…furthermore, we MUST look at where the ‘fault-lines’ lie in order to recognize and distinguish crime from idiocracy. What “our government” is doing is criminal negligence and is punishable by law by penalty of death or permanent incarceration, heavy fine, or permanent lock-up (life sentence in jail). For this high level of treachery being conducted by our dear, dear leaders, WE the Pakistani youth are now being forced to take drastic measures against this tyranny by the name of Zardari regime.

      One thing that you must understand my sister, is that when we see such horrendous crimes being committed, we don’t sit and talk about whether our sovereignty is an issue or not, we punish these Zionists for being just that: criminals.

  8. Washington Is Risking War with ……Pakistan………………By Robert Baer…………17 09 08 – — – As Wall Street collapsed with a bang ……almost no one noticed that were on the brink of war with ……Pakistan. But the fact remains that American forces ……have and are violating Pakistani sovereignty……You have to wonder whether the Bush ……administration understands what it is getting into.

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