Welcome to the Official Web Log of Socio-Political Activist and Philanthropist, Amaan K. Tareen.

Amaan is a Media and Public Relations Consultant and a Film Maker currently living in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has done some exceptional work in empowering Women and Youth in his Country.

He has produced content for General Public Awareness and Service both. Amaan has worked for various Private TV Channels and believes in promoting Youth’s Point of View by providing them a platform where they can come forward and project a positive image of Pakistan to the World. He believes that this is the time when Youth of Pakistan can play a key role, just as it played in the making of Pakistan;when they became the torch bearers of spreading the message of the Quaid to every city and village of the Sub-Continent (formerly known as Greater India).

Amaan managed campaign/projects with the youth organizations in various cities of Pakistan. The focus of such campaigns/projects was to the ideology of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He hosted radio show namely “Young Icons of Pakistan “. His show always emphasized on the importance of the role of Pakistani Youth in Nation building. He wrote columns for “Student’s Magazine” in year 2001 providing academic counseling to the students. His columns provided valuable advice to the students especially who aimed to study abroad.

He interacts with youth via social networks where he feels our Youth spends much time. He believes such platforms are the best avenues in today’s world to exchange different opinions/information and get to know their perception and how they see today’s world. He spread awareness among young readers by writing articles on various websites and blogs. The articles entail intriguing issues pertaining to current affairs, social and political issues in Pakistan.

Amaan Tareen is Associated with Non-Profit Organizations/Non-Government Organizations (NGO) where they do relief work for the people affected as a result of War on Terror in Pakistan.

He can be followed on Facebook and Twitter for his regular commentary on different social and political issues.